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ALLROUNDERs with gas injection technology

With the suitable equipment packages, ALLROUNDERs can also be used in special injection moulding fields, such as gas injection technology (GIT) applications.
With the GIT process, compressed nitrogen is introduced into the mould cavities during injection. Due to displacement of the plastic core, a hollow area is created and the plastic material is optimally distributed. The internal gas pressure usually ranges from 100 to 300 bar, but pressures of up to 450 bar are also possible.
Gas injection technology allows material, and therefore costs, to be saved. Faster cooling and therefore shorter cycle times are also achieved due to the smaller wall thickness and the hollow space created. Furthermore, GIT parts feature an improved weight/strength ratio of the moulded part. They also have a much higher surface quality than foamed parts. Due to the more even pressure conditions in the cavity, distortion is minimised and shrinkage reduced, thus preventing sink marks.
Gas injection technology is used for the production of moulded parts with thick walls, partial reinforcement and ribbed constructions, or parts where cores are to be replaced by a hollow space.
Further information about ARBURG injection moulding machines is available  here...

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