First ARBURG injection molding machine

From a one-man company, established in 1923, which produced precision medical instruments, ARBURG has developed into a global company which today is one of the international leading manufacturers of machines for plastics processing.
Whereas the first injection molding machine was built in 1954 for in-house use, ARBURG set off down the successful path to becoming a machine constructor with its first series production machine in 1956. The next milestone was the ALLROUNDER principle, developed and patented in 1961, which made it possible to operate in several working positions on a single injection molding machine.
Thanks to the possibility of combining a horizontal and vertical injection unit, the innovative ARBURG solution also paved the way for multi-component injection moulding. Over the years, the ‘do-it-all’ machines were transformed into customised products. Today, customers receive a solution precisely tailored to their specific requirements for all injection moulding processes and industries.
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