Modular ALLROUNDER injection molding press

The ARBURG injection molding machine range covers hydraulic, hybrid and electric ALLROUNDER series and a clamping force range between 125 kN and 6,500 kN. The robotic systems such as INTEGRALPICKER, MULTILIFT and six-axis robter in various designs and other peripherals complete the product spectrum. Every ALLROUNDER injection molding press operates with the central SELOGICA control system, which ensures extreme ease of operation with its graphic sequence editor, logical selective operator controls and complete integration of robotic systems and peripherals.
Thanks to its modular structure, the ALLROUNDER injection molding press can be individually equipped, based on requirements. In addition to standard injection molding, special processes, such as thermoset, elastomer and silicone processing, gas and water injection molding technology (GIT, WIT), the Mucell process, encapsulation of inserts, multi-component injection molding, powder injection moulding and lightweight construction processes, are also covered. With the appropriate equipment package, the ALLROUNDER injection molding press proves its high performance in all injection molding sectors.
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