Thermoplastic processing on ALLROUNDERs

Thermoplastics have a linear or branched molecular structure. They are malleable when heated and retain their shape once they have cooled. As thermoplastics represent the largest group of plastics, the majority of ALLROUNDERs are used for thermoplastic processing applications. The variety of products ranges from simple consumer goods to complex technical parts.
In addition to the field of thermoplastic processing, it is also possible to process silicones, elastomers and thermosets on ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines by using the appropriate equipment packages. In contrast to these plastics, however, the waste products generated during the thermoplastics processing, such as sprues or reject parts, can be recycled.
Thermoplastics are often processed in multi-component injection moulding applications. Hard/soft combinations can also be produced in conjunction with thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).
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